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Allison Crocetta, Tracing Influences,   2006 Courtesy of the artist

 Photo: Will Kirk/JHU


"The exhibit’s real gem can be found attached to the side of the Garrett family’s carriage house, just a few steps away from a series of fascinating gravestones honoring long-dead horses. "Tracing Influence" is a massive stenciled image of a woman, some peacocks, and delicate floral patterns, laser-cut into white waterproof paper and plastered to the side of the building like a giant, elegant doily. Created by Alison Crocetta, the piece is based on designs drawn by Jacqui Crocetta Grothe in response to a design book found in Evergreen House’s library. This mural-like piece is every bit as elegant and mannered as the mansion itself."

J. Bowers, 7/5/06,  (for the complete article



The two-headed bird (top) and the right side peacock (bottom) laser cut from "white water proof paper".  The patterns consists of 9 (14.25" x 14.25" x 0.008" polypropylene) laser cut panels.

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