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We offer custom laser cutting and engraving services of most thin (less than .250 inches)  non-metallic materials.   Working area is 32 inches x 18 inches and a height of 9 inches.  We can use our own graphics or ones that you supply.  We can import vector files in dxf, dwg (AutoCad ver. 13), or prt (Cadkey 97) formats.   All common graphic formats can be used ( e.g. tiff, pcx, bmp, wmf, etc.).   If required we will do all the necessary drafting/drawing to complete your project. 

If you have special requirements, send us an e-mail with an example file and with an explanation of what you would like done.  We will be glad to evaluate the file and give you a quote.   You will receive a quote/reply within two working days.


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